Material Rubric

Finally made a visual rubric for the art materials for elementary art. 

The rubric scale is 1-4. I had used the digital picture on the screen for a while. I find it useful to help student judge for themselves about thier work. Really my super fast artist who seems to  finish in 5minutes. Most of the time they are able to figure out if they forgot to color an area.

During the hurricane time I worked on each element. It helped keep me occupied during the no power anywhere in the city. 


3D Art Lesson: Hats from newspaper

I cannot take credit for this idea. Yes it was on Pinterest. The project  modified it. The 5th grade students created a hat from newspaper for Mother’s Day & Eath Day projcet for their  art lesson. This was a fun to see all the individual ideas come to life. Student got creative with so many different themes like cat hat, cowboy style, sun hats, dounut hat, dinosaurs hats and unicorns hats. 


  • Newspapers
  • Bucket or bowl for molding 
  • Masking tape
  • Stapler with staples
  • Paint

Reflection 2016-2017

School year had ended this week June 5. Indeed exhausted and in need of rest because teaching is a form of “taking caring of others”. How it vary  for teachers I would imagine. This year at a new school with over 800 students pour out ones passion and heart  every week. Yet oddly that I reflecting that I could be more my whimsical self. I didn’t see it so much this year. I guess trying to get a feel for my new environment. My favorite new idea from another art teacher was portfolios. I will explain later in this post.

Perceive it a good thing that I actually look  forward  to be back in the art classroom again. I find my self wanting to go back in the room to organize it. Try as may to prepare for next year. I don’t know what will hold or  any particular expectations.  Only to be in a small room with students creating. Sigh…. I have to confess at this point I’ve been avoid actually working on really work like lessons plans. 

 Thankful for my principle get us stools for our classroom. I am ever so full of hope it will help accomendate 40 students in a small area. Stools are not as bulk as the standard classroom chairs.  I think it will help students to stand while working. Experimental with a class, one time, to stand during art class. I found out my students actually work more on their art and less chatting. It was so impactfull that my students  asked me one day if they could stand to get thier done work “faster”. I laugh to myself, as agree to to standing to work faster. Yet the  reality was they were more focus hence got more done.  

Yes there’s about 40 kid here I could not squeeze them all in one the picture.

The portfolios are simple construction paper folded in half. It did take sometime premaking. But maybe have the kids fold and glue? 

 Enjoyed the routine of the students being responsible for  thier art portfolios. I had learned how much it helped our  classroom same time in passing out projects.  It was easier to sort students artwork who moved. Simple pull thier portfolio out and into “moved” bin. Our school is a revolving door student move away and back, the portfolios was major organization tool. PLUS SIDE student can get art work quickly, usable on drying rack to not loose art. My favorite remark this year was from the younger artist, think its all magical how thier art appears in their folders. End of year studnets ready to have carry of a record of the art year projects  and a portfolio to take home last art projects.  

Next year I plan to make the portfolio each art days the same colors. I hope we get to be rotational schedule next year. But either way Day 1 is all blue, Day 2 is all green, ect. Than  a scrap color paper or sticker on top for their color table for  saving time in passing. As opposed to this year made folder coordinate with students table. The withdraw with that old way:

  • mismatch happen when I move students to another. 
  • Student helps or myself in a rush, not paying attention place in wrong cubby.(keep in mind 40+ kiddos in the room)

Now the art classroom is a clean canvas for next year’s art adventures. Hindsight, that I don’t need to take everything down. I could actually leave up so not so much was work in room but instead art lessons and such.

Sincerely, I am open to hear other art teachers solutions or ideas they tried in thier classroom. Thank you for visiting my blog