Art Classroom Lining Up Floor Area That Last

Best Materials for Creating Line-up Area or floor directions!

Need materials:

  • Electric tape
  • Clear contact paper

Wow, it’s another school year came to a closed. I wanted to share a lovely discovery as I was breaking down the art classroom. The line up area was very mainly intact for an entire school year. The electric tape and contact paper come up easily. The elementary students need it, Kindergarten to 5th grade, where and how to for the exit translation. Plus its good for classroom management.

What’s the big deal about line up area still having clear markers at end-of-school-year? Aside from being a heavy foot traffic area. Well this year in my art room has been was eventful with broken plumbing that created a massive water flooding.

This water flood had actually went into the hallway. Even needed to create barricade to prevent going down two more hallways. I am very grateful for all my super amazing coworkers at my school who came and acted in emergency event. Unfortunately many items had to be thrown out. However, it occurred to me the floor area with directions where not as effected by the flood as was letting it up at end of year. They simply peeling right off the floor. Most of the numbers markers item very clear and not as discolored.

The electric tape which held strong through out the year, came up super easily. You can even see the contrasting line formed from beginning of year fresh clean waxed floor compared it to end of year floor.


My Christian Music Playlist for Running

So, it’s been a bit. I honestly not motivated to exercise. Sometime it’s been a stressful day and need healthy release. Hence need that support, hype, upbeat, inspiring and life giving music.

Oh, it’s that time of year…being how people may start the New Year with an exercise goal. Well, I figured to share one my running Playlist that’s upbeat enough to move your legs.

It’s not you typical Christian playlist, trust me I’ve tried pre list of Pandora or Spotify playlist, seem any “Christian song” get picked lacking heavy beats & the legs syart to strolling as to heart elevated running tempo.

Here is My Upbeat Christian Exercise Music – My Exercise Running/Walking Playlist:
Warm up: Back to Garden by Crowder
“I like to win” Shonlock
“300 Violin Orchestra” by Jorge Quintero
“Psalms 46 (Lord of Host)” by Shane and Shane
“Misfits Anthem” -Radio Vision by Social Misfits Club
“Heartbeat”- Beckah Shae

“God Only Knows”- for King & County

Cool Down: Ever Captive Free by Matt Gilman

My Exercise and Praise Upbeat music

Upbeat Christian exercise music


New School Year

This year in the art classroom, I am trying out a tip from another blog/Pinterest. This is not a new idea am sure but it was new to me. I had glue sponge in the water bowl. Why? The sponge is for wiping the brushes clean in between color change with paint. The children has named the sponge Bob. Of couse I should have saw that coming but I laugh with each class as someone says “It’s sponge Bob!”. Also using wider base containers it is a bit more work in filling this up but I had way less water spilled. In fact I had temporary switch to my small yogurt cups in minutes water had spilled. Lesson learned here wider base or/and keep in small containers in fitted muffins tins.

This is part of the art room. I still learning it is okay to have blank walls in the beginning of year as you go decorate the classroom. Yet for my I place more priority in the tables set than the walls because it apartment of classroom management. The art jobs and the line up order.

So those large bulletin boards had stayed blank in the beginning. That is okay.