Foil Figure Sculpture

Okay, I know this Foil Figure Sculpture is an art lesson that has been around…hehehe, decades,or the longer than…who knows? None the less, it is an oldie but goodie.


The students had fun with learning about proportion with gesture drawing of their fellow classmates striking a pose. I have say each class the popular pose was the “The Dab” dance pose. Students got creative adding detail of clothes and hair to there figures.

(Later add more photos.)

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In the photos you will see tape to hold down the artwork. (I was not using glue gun because…well I am just not.). Love the out box creative thinking, how one kiddo used the tape as hair!

I will need to give credit to another blog, Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists:Foil Sculpture, for the photo reference to draw the section on the foil. Ah ,thank you, that make it more possible for the students.   Plus it length 45 minutes art lesson.

  1. Practice gesture pose
  2. Create Foil Figure
  3. Outdoors (alternative flash light or lamp) to draw shadows

Seriously, the student enter class the sun is out every so bright too. Sigh. It was odd how every time in the morning at that point kiddos needed to go outside to trace their shadow  for understand of shading and light, the sun, happens to be behind clouds. Okie, not sure who got’s a time on the sun “dial”…because as the student are exiting at end of class, yap you can guess it, the sun, oddly enough, pops-out from hiding from behind the clouds ever so brightly for the rest of the day.

Our district had purchased Davis Digital this year. At first was Kinda – Clueless – and -hesitant. After a lovely art teacher workshop/training, found out how wonderful a resource. It can juggle Fine Art Gallery Photos, Textbook, gallery image, student example, and presentation slides, oh snap in one place. I am sure there is more to discover. Anyhow, back to the lesson. There’s digital text book on proportion and gesture draw we use in this lesson. Well that is where go the resources of gesture drawing figures in motion.

Objective: Students will: 
• Understand that sculptures can be created for different purposes.
• Identify and discuss the forms and purposes of specific works of public sculpture.
• Use foil  to create a sculpture of a figure in motion.

• Foil
• Scissors
• markers (crayon works too)
• tagboard paper/cardboard for the base

Curriculum icon

Explorations in Art 4
Keywords: Degas, Edgar Degas, sketch, figure, movement, pose, model, proportion, gesture drawing, gesture, Four Studies of a Dancer, dancer, Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen
Materials: drawing paper, pencils
• Practice by drawing students who are posing and then create a paper full of sketches, showing attention to proportion and action.
Theme: Appearances
Vocabulary: pose, model, proportion, gesture drawing
 Curriculum icon

Explorations in Art Grade 5 Student
Keywords: figure proportions, figure, proportions, observe, observation, Cassatt, Mary Cassatt, The Fitting, women, Degas, Edgar Degas, The Russian Dancer, dancers, action, pose, model, overlap
Connections: Performing Arts Connection
Objective: Students will:
• Understand that artists draw from observation and often use guidelines for proportion.
• Identify and discuss formal and expressive qualities in artworks about people.

Curious on the ideas from other art teachers or/and art facilitators for the art project?


3D Paper Hats Art Lesson

Trash into Functional Art

This year looking forward to Paper Hat project with 5th Grade again.

Continue sharing more on the 3D Paper Hat project from last post. Those who need the objective and standards (these are Sunshine State Standards..there’s a lot of them) but can easily  flip into National Art Standards.

Student art examples from last post:

Learn About Artist who use Recycling and Art

Recycled Art Installation by Roadsworth


Prezi Presentation Recycle Art Slide


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Mountian Top

In some circles, you may have  heard the phrase “moutain top experience” as medaphore to life experiences.

We have traveled to the top of mountian, clearify to the peak top. It is a mixed of emotions and literally takes your breath away. The air is difficult to break so your not really jumping but standing your ground and embracing the biting wind with the awe experince and view.